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Introducing the Burnstation project

This post was previously published in the official Plumi blog

EngageMedia and Unweb have started development work on a prototype of a Burnstation module for Plumi. This module will allow a Plumi system to burn DVDs of videos from its collection.

Derived from the concept behind the original audio based Burnstation that provides disc burning systems in public places, the intention of this Plumi module is to facilitate distribution of video content to areas where Internet connections may not support streaming video online, or provide additional distribution options.

The Burnstation module will allow someone using a Plumi based system to select a list of videos and burn them to a DVD. At first we are producing a prototype system that will demonstrate the feasibility of taking a selection of Plumi hosted videos and producing an ISO format DVD image that can be burnt to disc using any standard disc production software. While the prototype will perform the bare minimum functions required, the final version will include a streamlined interface, total disc size checking and more.

We will produce further blog entries about the Burnstation project to capture the decisions we make during design & implementation of the prototype. Watch this space!