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Bird flu animations available for use

Ayo Cegah Flu Burung: Animation on Avian Influenza Prevention

The Food and Agriculture Organisation has shared to EngageMedia viewers its collection of animation videos on avian influenza prevention titled “Ayo Cegah Flu Burung”. This is the first FAO media product which uses the Creative Commons license from the initial distribution plan.

“Ayo Cegah Flu Burung” (or Let’s Prevent Bird Flu) is an adaptation of the successful FAO Avian Influenza Control Programme’s flipchart on the same topic which was used in socialization by Participatory Disease Surveillance and Response (PDSR) when they visit villages. The FAO, along with the Indonesian Department of Agriculture, urge campaigners and educators to use the videos which are free to download. The way to use the videos are also open to modification and inovation according to ones creativity.

The videos can be viewed and downloaded here:

Hard copies of the videos (in DVDs and VCDs) can be requested by emailing to the Programme’s Continuing Education Communication Officer, Ester Hutabarat: ester.hutabarat[at]