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Archive Camp Press Conference

Pitra gave an overview of the Archive Camp, explaining how the Archive Project began with the creation of four Plumi video servers. She also outlined how the focus of video archiving has changed with the development of digital content laws drafted by Menteri Komunikasi dan Informasi (Ministry of Communication and Information) in Indonesia.

One of the strategic aims of the camp was to ensure freedom of expression go hand in hand with archiving. Nova explained the technologies offered by EngageMedia and the background to the organisation’s involvement in Indonesia.

Pitra and Nova addressed journalists’ concerns as to why the camp was closed to the public and why international technical professionals were invited. Pitra and Nova noted that the camp was a focused opportunity for active collaboration, not a public presentation.

As Plumi is not yet a popular platform in Indonesia, people who are already familiar with its character and potential were required – some of whom are international professionals. They promised that there were no secretive activities and encouraged the press to do follow up with the four organisations involved.