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Wrapping up the Plone Video Sprint

This post was previously published in the official Plumi blog

Plone Video Sprint

The Plone Video sprint wrapped up last Tuesday after four very intensive and productive days. We got a tonne done.

  • We began a new plone video suite that brings together the base common features most users expect, such as embedded flash, ogg and h264 video, vodcasting, transcoding, large file handling, content licensing support, metadata extraction and much more.
  • a huge amount of work was done on transcoding in particular by EngageMedia and Unweb built on top of Convert Daemon (
  • upgrading of the Plumi buildout to the latest stable Plone release, 3.3.1
  • Translation of Plumi and Plone into Indonesian is almost complete
  • We built a solid basis for ongoing collaboration, more video sprints coming hopefully!!

To continue the momentum for the Plone video suite we’ve started a new project on launchpad. Please sign up if you are interested in contributing.

You can also find us in #plonevideo.