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Support Sarawak Gone, innovative micro-docs series

Sarawak Gone explores four remote Bidayuh communities accessible by foot within an hour’s drive from Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak, Malaysia. They will lose their livelihood, traditional lands and culture, their rights and heritage with the development of the controversial Bengoh Dam project.

Sarawak Gone is a micro docs series produced on location with residents of the Bidayuh communities.

The series is intended to raise awareness to the denigration of the rapidly dwindling societies on the island of Borneo, the native land titles at stake and the rapidly decreasing habitats for protected and endangered flora and fauna.

Micro-docs are short, 5 – 10-minute documentaries designed for online distribution, portable media devices and laptop screening events. is seeking support by way of financial and equipment donations, in-kind post-production support and assistance in screening and distribution opportunities. Equipment donations (e.g. cameras, tripods, computers, external hard disk drives) would be left in Sarawak to assist in the establishment of a media resource centre in Kuching.

If you can assist in the completion of this new work contact or donate via PayPal.

Sarawak Gone is an / Toy Satellite production in association with Rengah Sarawak.