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Next Plumi Release

This post was previously published in the official Plumi blog

The Plumi dev team has been busy for the last couple of months working on an exciting new Plumi site focusing on fair-use video for educational purposes. It will feature all of Plumi’s existing features, plus a blog configured for fair use guidelines and feature articles, and some other additions including enhancements of the transcoding / browser playback software. This should be a fine addition to the growing family of Plumi sites, stay tuned for more updates.

Our next version of Plumi is scheduled to be released near the end of this month (January). We aim to fix some bugs from our last release, make some very minor improvements, and then get onto migrating Plumi from Plone 2.5 to Plone 3.x.

You can check out the list of tickets for this release on our tracker here. We are sprinting on this release for the next two days – Thurs 8 Jan and Fri 9 Jan – and then will also be knuckling down again from Mon 19th Jan. Feel free to jump into IRC (#plumi on or contact us using the form above if you’d like to get involved 🙂