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New version numbering system

This post was previously published in the official Plumi blog

After some discussion, we have decided on a new version numbering system for plumi. For the mathematically minded, the change is simply the addition of 2.7 to the current version numbers. So plumi 0.3 will become plumi 3.0. What would have been plumi 0.4 will be plumi 3.1. And so on. The reason for this change is to pin the major version number of plumi to the major version of plone that it targets. This could be done maintaining the current ‘0.’ numbering system, but the 0 seemed redundant, and suggested the software is less mature than it is. Additionally, the development methodology is less one of major, feature-complete releases, and more one of Rapid Application Development, where features are added and bugs are fixed on the go.

The current roadmap for development is to release plumi 3.0 by the end of August, then move towards closing important, long-standing tickets for plumi 3.1 by the end of October. At the plone conference, we will begin investigating plone 4 in order to begin the plumi 4.0 branch, while maintaining the 3.x branch for further improvements and bugfixes.