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Looking for a Technical Coordinator

This post was previously published in the official Plumi blog

EngageMedia is looking for a Technical Projects Coordinator to manage, among other things, the Plumi project. The overall aim of the position is to bring together EngageMedia’s technology projects, build the strength of EngageMedia’s technical infrastructure and networks, and to ensure EngageMedia’s technology projects work towards the long-term social change strategy of the organisation.

Much of the work centres around the development of Plumi, our FOSS video distribution platform, and manifest in several different ways; such as the development of open source subtitling and translation tools, the coordination of training, networking and development events (such as a planned Plone/video sprint in Budapest and a small scale training camp in Indonesia), commercial consulting work (eg. and the creation of technical documentation and user guides.

For more information on the position please see

Applications close July 29.