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Extended deadline for Plone Video Sprint!

This post was previously published in the official Plumi blog

EngageMedia is pleased to announce a Plone Video Sprint at this years Plone Conference in Budapest, Hungary. The 4 day sprint will be an opportunity for developers to collaborate on open video technologies around the Plone CMS. The sprint will take place from 31st October 2009 to 3rd November 2009, directly after the conference.

We will be guided by Gunner from Aspiration Tech to help the group focus on priorities. Broadly we aim to work on the following topic areas: building a shared roadmap for video on Plone, working on key technical needs such as large file handling, transcoding and BitTorrent support, improving support for FOSS video codecs, publishing and viewing content with mobile devices, bug fixing existing video related Plone collective products and improving documentation.


EngageMedia also has a very limited number of travel subsidies to offer to activists and NGO developers based on need. When you contact us, please also let us know ASAP if you want to be considered for a travel subsidy.

The Plone Video sprint has a limited number of places, and you will need to register, and please indicate how long for the 4 days you can stay. We have a preference for people to stay for the entire 4 days. Please add yourself to the team at coactivate and send an email to [email protected].