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EngageMedia at the Open Video Conference 2009

Open Video Conference 2009
Open Video Conference 2009

EngageMedia was in attendance at the Open Video Conference in New York City on June 19-21, 2009.

EngageMedia coordinated two sessions.

The first one looked at the nature of independent video sharing spaces in a YouTube world. This session brought together representatives from WITNESSCitizen ShiftPad.maVisionOnTV among others. The second session was a showcase of Drupal and Plone systems for sharing video.

The conference had a range of highlights including a great talk by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now that really dug into how important open video is in supporting social movements and social change, and a great live video interview with Peter Sunde of the Pirate Bay.

You can check out more of the proceedings in the video section of the conference website, or you can also check this video from WITNESS.

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