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Announcing the Plumi 3.0 alpha 2 release

This post was previously published in the official Plumi blog

The second alpha release of the Plumi 3.0 buildout is out!

Check it out on

The Plumi 3.0 will be released using the same procedure as Plone 3.2 – that is, as python eggs, and buildouts not tarballs of product code. [*]

The tagged buildout SVN is here: and the SVN url to use to get the code is

We are getting back into the swing of regular releases of Plumi.  We will release alpha versions, until full Plumi 0.2.x functionality is achieved, and then start on a Beta release cycle – which will include code/docs for migrating from plumi 0.2.x sites.

Developers will want to see the Tracker and the Plumi 3.0 workplan.

“Beginning with Plone 3.2, Plone will be available as a Python package and via installers. It will no longer be distributed as a tarball of old-fashioned Zope products. The change to standard Python packaging will improve dependency handling and make future installations easier. But, it will require some adjustments for those used to installing via a tarball of products. The 3.2 installation will also require some slight changes in the buildout configuration file for those who have already been using buildout configuration management in the 3.x series.”