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Yogyakarta EngageMedia Workshop and Screening

EngageMedia will conduct its 3rd workshop in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on December 12th as part of the Yogyakarta Documentary Film Festival. Come along! Datanglah!

Introduction to Online Video Distribution

Friday December 12th, 2008, 10am – 12 pm, Room F, Benteng Vrederburg, Jogjakarta

The options for independent filmmakers to distribute their work have grown massively in the past few years. Web-based technologies in particular provide opportunities for international distribution and the ability to reach new audiences with new voices. The limited internet infrastructure in Indonesia, though improving, restricts some of these possibilities, however, there are a number of tools and techniques available to overcome these limitations. This workshop, run by the online video and media activist organisation, will cover the following topics:

Jogja workshop screening

  • building a digital video delivery strategy to ensure the greatest impact your work
  • Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and relevant FOSS tools available for video production, distribution, web publishing etc.
  • encoding video for online distribution
  • where to publish and how to use online content in a website or blog, such as embedding video etc.
  • video podcasting, BitTorrent and other key video-sharing tools
  • hybrid distribution strategies – combining on and off-line distribution, particularly in low bandwidth scenarios
  • use of Creative Commons and open content licensing, including finding media to use in your production

The workshops will be in English with Indonesian translation.


Saturday December 13th, 2008, 01pm, Room F, Benteng Vrederburg, Jogjakarta

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