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EngageMedia Website Enhancements

EM August 2008

By Stacey Lobo

We are pleased to announce a breakthrough in our automatic transcoding of videos. This is the feature that automatically converts any video you upload into the standard Flash format which plays back on the webpage.  

Some users were finding that certain formats, such as WMV, were having audio-video sync problems when they were converted. The free software video conversion tool which we use on our server, MEncoder, has now been upgraded to handle these formats correctly. We will make these changes available to users of our Plumi video-sharing software package shortly in our next release, these improvements are available for you now on the website.

Additionally, it is now possible to cut and paste the OBJECT tag below the video player into any EngageMedia page – just as you would onto another blog. Previously our website stripped these tags from HTML pages for security reasons. These tags are now allowed, letting users paste a video into a News item, or Event or any other page on the site.