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VIDEO SLAM 2007: Call for Registrations

VIDEO SLAM is a Creative Commons production workshop from OPEN CHANNEL being held during Arts Law Week in Melbourne. OPEN CHANNEL is calling for registrations from willing participants who will spend 48 hours at Horse Bazaar producing a 10 minute short from only Creative Commons licensed content.

Want to learn how to use Creative Commons licenses? OPEN CHANNEL is calling for registrations for participation in a new production initiative, Video Slam.

Video Slam OPEN CHANNEL @ Arts Law Week 2007
Video Slam OPEN CHANNEL @ Arts Law Week 2007

Video Slam is an Arts Law Week workshop from OPEN CHANNEL exploring the use of Creative Commons licenses for the creation of original digital content.

Horse Bazaar
13 – 14 May 2007
Registrations due 20 April
Registration fee: $22 / $15 OC Members

Over 48 hours filmmakers, writers, programmers, sound and video artists will slam out a 10-minute digital short from content found largely on the Web.

Individuals and teams will each create unique fragments towards a complete narrative, perhaps one editor to each scene, or five composers scoring two minutes a-piece, or three actors performing the same part directed by four directors!

The final piece will be simulcast from Horse Bazaar to Federation Square, OC Online and EngageMedia.

If you have skills or interests in any of the following areas, complete our registration form or write to us for more information.

We’re looking for:

Directors, Camera and Sound operators, Editors, Musicians and/or Composers, Sound and Lighting Designers, Writers, Actors, Audio/Visual artists, Graphic Designers, Animators, 3D artists and most importantly, Production Assistants.

For more information click here.

All registrants will be reviewed by our esteemed Video Slam coordinators: filmmakers and audiovisual artists Dale Nason, Tintin Wulia and Andrew Garton. Also participating in the Video Slam are Elliot Blesdoe (Creative Commons Clinic) and Shaun Miller (Marshall’s & Dent).

Thanks to Horse Bazaar, Creative Commons Clinic and Federation Square for their support.

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