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Plug In and Friends

Plugin and engage with the progressive Melbourne filmmaking community, bringing you the latest indy docos this summer at Glitch Bar & Cinema.

22nd February 2007 – Plug-In TV – Review of 2006 – 8 pm

Plug-In TV is an independent media collective producing short documentaries for Channel 31 in Melbourne, Australia and the worldwide web. Come along for a 1-hour screening of 2006’s best documentaries.

28th February 2007 – EngageMedia – 8 pm is a website for social justice and environmental video from SE Asia, Australia and the Pacific. Come along for a 1-hour screening of independent video.

8th March 2007 – Focus on the Asia Pacific – 8 pm

1 hour of documentaries examining justice and developments in our region with a focus on West Papua and East Timor. 2006 has seen many pivotal events and we’ll be screening a range of videos that examine the issues further.

15th March 2007 – Plug-In TV and Others – 8 pm

A mix up of documentaries from Australia and around the world! Sure to be fun.


Glitch Bar and Cinema – 318 St Georges Rd, North Fitzroy, Melbourne.