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EngageMedia at OurMedia

EngageMedia will be running a video screening and an online distribution workshop as part of the OurMedia conference on community, alternative and citizen’s media in Sydney, April 9-13.

On Monday April 9 at 8pm we will be screening videos from the EngageMedia site at the Sidetrack Theatre – Addison Road Community Centre, Marrickville. Video screenings begin at the theatre from 2pm onwards.

On Tuesday at 3.30pm we’ll be participating in the New Technologies and Social Action panel discussing the politics and potential of new media forms such as online video and their use within social and environmental activism.

On Thursday at 11.40 in the Polymedia Lab (a free open space) we’ll be running an online video distribution workshop.

The workshop will cover

  • where on the web you can publish your video
  • creating and subscribing to video podcasts
  • setting up an account on EngageMedia and publishing to it
  • how to encode video for distribution on the web
  • copyright/left and licensing your video work
  • strategies for getting your work out there
  • free and open source software tools

We look forward to seeing you there! 🙂

OURMedia 6: Sustainable Futures: Roles and Challenges for Community, Alternative and Citizens’ Media in the 21st Century was a spectacular success.

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