Volunteer for the DRAPAC23 Assembly

EngageMedia is looking for volunteers for our biggest event this year for digital rights changemakers – the DRAPAC23 Assembly in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

We’re looking for individuals interested in digital rights issues and social issue documentary who can volunteer on-site at the Assembly (May 22 to 26, 2023). This is an opportunity to support the digital rights movement, learn and practise new skills, and meet a global community of changemakers.

Interested in volunteering for the Assembly? Read on to learn more about our available volunteering opportunities, benefits, and upcoming briefing sessions.

Volunteer duration: May 21-26, 2023, Chiang Mai, Thailand


Volunteer Positions

Help participants find their way around the venues, support organisers in setting up sessions and activities, and more! We’re looking for volunteers for the following tasks:

  • Session Coordinator
    • Support the smooth conduct of sessions and connect attendees with conference presenters
    • Tasks include checking in with session presenters, communicating with the technical support team as needed, ensuring the venues are accessible to attendees, supporting the distribution of meals for participants, and supporting the distribution of feedback forms after the session
  • Information Coordinator
    • Staff the information table at the venue to answer attendees’ queries and connect them with the organisers for additional assistance, as needed
    • Direct participants to event venues and provide information on the Assembly program
  • Big Screen Ambassador
    • This position will expose you to the unique atmosphere of cinematic and artistic presentations! Provide venue directions and guidance for filmmakers and attendees for the regional film showcase Cinemata Big Screen
    • Ensure the smooth and orderly flow of people in and out of the venues
    • Other tasks include supporting distribution of meals, greeting guests, and monitoring the reception area
  • Exhibition Coordinator
    • Provide venue directions and guidance for attendees and exhibitors at the Assembly
    • Ensure the smooth and orderly flow of people in and out of the venues
    • Other tasks include supporting distribution of meals, greeting guests, and monitoring the reception area
  • Assembly Ambassador
    • Be a central point of contact for wayfinding and guidance for participants and assembly presenters
    • Direct people to session rooms, activities, and other venue facilities
    • This position will keep you on your feet and will require extensive coordination with organisers for general event support, including emergency coordination, catering coordination, lost and found monitoring, participant transportation, and other logistics tasks


Who can apply to be DRAPAC23 Assembly Volunteers?

  • Motivated individuals (18 years old and above) who are passionate about digital rights issues and/or social issue documentary, and are willing to learn more by attending the event.
  • Must be based in Chiang Mai for the duration of the DRAPAC23 Assembly.
  • Available to commit for volunteer shifts for the entire duration of the DRAPAC23 Assembly (May 22 to 26, 2023) and one day prior to the event for the volunteer briefing (May 21, 2023), for a total of six days. Volunteer hours and shifts will be discussed during the briefing.
  • Basic command in English (proficiency in Thai, Burmese, and other languages is a plus).

What are the benefits for DRAPAC23 Assembly volunteers?

  • Receive a modest stipend throughout the duration of the event, as well as free meals, snacks, and drinks
  • Receive an electronic certificate of appreciation verifying your volunteer hours
  • Learn new skills and enhance your knowledge of digital rights issues by attending conference sessions, film screenings, workshops, social events, and more
  • Be part of a great conference planning team, gain event experience, and grow your professional connections
  • Get an opportunity to network and meet activists and advocates from around the world working in the fields of digital rights, data justice, media freedom, open and secure technology, video for change, and more!

Volunteer Briefing Sessions

Virtual Briefing Session
Date: Monday, May 15, 2023
Time: 4:00 PM – 4:45 PM
Location: Online via Jitsi

In-Person Briefing Session (dry run)
Date: Sunday, May 21, 2023
Time: 12:00 PM
Location: Chiang Mai University

Submit your Application

Applicants will receive an email on next steps and upcoming volunteer briefing sessions.


For more information on volunteer responsibilities or our application process, please contact [email protected].