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Project Coordinator, Digital Rights

Yin oversees and leads digital rights and digital safety initiatives in Myanmar to increase the capacity of civil society.

Yin has been active in the field of digital rights and social movements in Myanmar since 2013. Born in Yangon, Yin was a former project coordinator for Myanmar ICT for Development Organization (MIDO), working on their projects on digital rights advocacy, digital literacy, and media literacy for the Myanmar activists’ community and journalists.

On top of his digital rights advocacy, Yin is interested in poetry and has contributed his skills as a layout and graphic designer to Yangon’s independent literary scene. Yin is an alumnus of Parami University’s Liberal Arts and Sciences Program.

Languages: English and Burmese
Email: [email protected] (download PGP key)
Fingerprint: ABC0 358C 29C1 11C0 40B3 909A D426 29E5 8397 D49B