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Coordinator, Finance

yaya works closely with the organisation’s Finance, Operations, and Administration team to ensure that the organisation’s support systems meet the highest standard, and provides logistical support to the Malaysia team.

A spreadsheet enthusiast from Kuala Lumpur, yaya has worked in finance, auditing, and accounting since obtaining their ACCA degree from BPP University in the United Kingdom.

yaya is a staunch advocate for the rights of Malaysia’s queer community, in particular for their equal treatment and access to justice. Their advocacy began while working in corporate, having experienced and recognised firsthand the disparity in treatment between those in power and the marginalised.

While they are driven by the pursuit of their goals, yaya is equally motivated by a good cup of coffee sipped amid nature, with a camera on the other hand to capture the breathtaking views.

Languages: Malay, English
Email: [email protected] (download PGP key)
Fingerprint: D676 151A A92F 5C2E 93AA A68A 28A6 43A3 3CD0 D289