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Project Officer, Digital Rights

Nan supports the implementation of EngageMedia’s initiatives in Thailand and the Mekong region, working on coordination, training, community development, communications and outreach, and monitoring and reporting.

Nan is a nonprofit management consultant with over four years of experience working on socioeconomic and human rights development issues. Her expertise lies in community development and social campaigning, with a strong background in program delivery for digital transformation.

Nan has worked on research related to labour law, platformed work, gender equality, and youth rehabilitation. She has also created and implemented curriculum, tools, training materials, and capacity-building activities for a diverse group of beneficiaries, focusing on marginalised and at-risk communities.

Before joining EngageMedia, Nan worked as a senior associate for KPMG’s Climate Change and Sustainability Services in an advisory capacity, where she helped transform business practices to comply with international human rights standards. She holds a degree in international relations and politics from Thammasat University.

Languages: English, Thai, French (elementary)
Fingerprint: 0BF9 2F01 6865 6213 B9D6  CF20 FA21 4692 666A B5E7