Coordinator, Video and Engagement

Demie works closely with EngageMedia’s Video for Change team to create and curate content, support advocacy campaigns, create and deliver training sessions, build audiences, and coordinate projects.

Demie is an independent documentary filmmaker born in Manila, Philippines. Before shifting to film, she has worked as a journalist for both mainstream and alternative media. As a news writer for alternative media, she has written significantly on unfair labour practices among media workers and indigenous peoples’ and workers’ rights. She has also produced short documentaries for the ABS-CBN News Channel.

In 2017, she received a National Geographic Explorer grant for her documentary photography project exploring the effects of urban development and tourism on indigenous communities. In 2019, she shifted to filmmaking and started doing her own short films. In 2020, she participated in the Storytelling Development Lab of IF/THEN Southeast Asia. She is interested in creating social impact among communities through film.

Currently, she is taking up Masters in Media Studies (Film) at the University of the Philippines.

Languages: English, Filipino
Email: [email protected] (download PGP key)
Fingerprint: 87D5 74A2 2FC4 8CBF 9283 C225 3FB1 BE16 8505 023D