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Project Officer, Digital Rights (Indonesia)

Debby supports the implementation of EngageMedia’s digital rights initiatives, working closely with project leads on coordination and logistics, communications and outreach, and monitoring and reporting.

A human rights activist from Batam, Indonesia, Debby spent the last six years advocating for refugees’ rights in Indonesia before joining EngageMedia. She holds a Master of Laws in Human Rights from Central European University in Vienna.

Debby’s undergraduate thesis on human smuggling in the country’s Rote Island led to an engagement with the West Java Province Government in Pangandaran, which had her sharing how refugees and asylum seekers are victims of transnational organised crime happening in its waters. She has also contributed to a number of national journals on human rights and irregular migration.

Aside from migration, Debby is also interested in the intersection of business and human rights, particularly on how trade-related aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) protect the prolonged distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in the Global South countries.

Languages: Bahasa Indonesia, English
Email: [email protected] (download PGP key)
Fingerprint: E04C D9B1 5F63 2D03 E85A 03BA 6B58 C333 9BD8 BF05