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EngageMedia undertakes a range of research initiatives in the Asia-Pacific. Our reports focus on digital rights, open and secure technology, and video for change.

We work with a range of research institutions, universities, and scholars to produce reports rooted in the regional context, and collaborate with affected communities and networks to reach wider audiences and maximise impact. Our approach combines research with video and targeted outreach to support academics, policymakers, and changemakers in the field.

Current Research

The report examines the security practices of journalists within and outside Myanmar and aims to understand gaps between the present-day digital security needs of activists and journalists and the training available in the digital security curricula.
In collaboration with the Asia Centre, the Digital Security and Human Rights Defenders in the Asia-Pacific research project aims to map digital surveillance activities and identify the gaps and levels of prioritisation in adopting counter-surveillance technology and secure communications by civil society.
The first report under the Greater Internet Program assesses current digital safety and internet freedom challenges in select Asia-Pacific countries, and aims to contribute to advocacy around strengthening the protection of human rights.
EngageMedia, in partnership with the Asia Centre and the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law, is conducting in-depth research to identify the impact of Thailand's Computer Crime Act on digital rights and increase the awareness and capacity of the Thai public to safeguard freedom of expression online.
EngageMedia - Challenge Report
EngageMedia's report analyses the violations, restrictions, and limitations on information, communication, and digital rights that undermine digitally-mediated freedom of religion or belief and freedom of expression in Indonesia.
The Advancing Data Justice Research and Practice project aims to fill the gap in data justice research and expand existing narratives to include testimonies from unheard and/or underrepresented voices. Through this, we aim to provide resources that help policymakers, practitioners, and impacted communities gain a broader understanding of data governance.
The September 2022 report looks at the ecosystem that supports the localization of digital security tools and guides into five major Southeast Asian languages, and assesses whether, and to what extent, these resources are localized and kept up to date.
Clipart of technology and human rights. Image by Theodore Grenz
In 2021, EngageMedia began work with Dr. Indriaswati Saptaningrum of ELSAM to produce a snapshot of key digital rights issues, policies, and civil society actors and networks in Indonesia. The results of this collaboration will help inform EngageMedia's larger project to expand digital rights networks in Indonesia.
The use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies is growing in Southeast Asia. In partnership with researcher Dr Jun-E Tan, EngageMedia has produced research that aims to provide an understanding of AI and its governance from the perspective of civil society in Southeast Asia.

Previous Research

‘Video for Change’ refers to the practice of using video as a means to activate progressive social change. This article reports on a research project carried out with a network of Video for Change organisations. The project aims to inform the development of an impact framework that could be used to support Video for Change practitioners to design for—and evaluate—their social impact in a way that is considered ethically appropriate.
Are Journalists Safe in Indonesia? Apakah Profesi Wartawan Aman di Indonesia?
EngageMedia has conducted research for the Citizen Lab Cyber Stewards Network to understand how journalists themselves define the concept of ‘security’, what constitute practices of ‘security’, and what they do to learn about and practice ‘secure’ behaviours.
In July 2013, two members of the EngageMedia staff went on a scoping visit to Yangon (Myanmar) and Chiang Mai (Thailand) to see how video is being used by Burmese filmmakers and video-producing organisations to support democracy. The full report is here.

For more information or collaboration inquiries, contact EngageMedia’s research manager Egbert Wits.

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