Video for Change

Photo by Spiske on Pixnio

FOSS Codecs For Online Video

In 2007 EngageMedia conducted a research project into Free Open Source Software (FOSS) video codecs.

Camp Sambel 2010

A regional video camp with activists from Indonesia, Malaysia, East Timor and West Papua held in Malang, Indonesia, June 2010

Time for Reel Action Screenings

This December thousands of delegates, decision-makers, stakeholders, and activists will converge on Copenhagen. To be part of this EngageMedia is putting on home screenings of the Reel Action compilation of Asia-Pacific climate films. Global action is urgent and essential – the time for debate is over.

Forum Lenteng Skills Building Partnership, Jakarta

EngageMedia shares skills with Forum Lenteng

As part of our Asia Network program, EngageMedia is delivering a number of ‘Skills Building Partnerships’ to activist and community groups in Asia-Pacific to assist them in distributing their videos. Last month Andrew and Nova spent three days with the folks from Forum Lenteng in Jakarta; a non-profit organisation working to develop social and cultural studies as a vehicle to examine issues of culture in society in Indonesia.