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DRAPAC Series: Building a Digital Rights Community

In this DRAPAC Series conversation, Team CommUNITY shares insights on their work on community building and engagement and their approach towards creating spaces for communities most affected by digital rights challenges.

DRAPAC Series: India’s Data Protection Act

This DRAPAC Series session delves into India’s Data Protection Act, the process behind its creation, and how the law impacts the current and future of digital rights in India.

DRAPAC Series: Censorship and surveillance in Tibet

This session will discuss internet freedom in Tibet and the lessons, challenges, and opportunities for mobilising a counter-movement within and in the wider Asian region to push back against an increasingly hostile environment.

DRAPAC Series: Feminist Technology

This session with Numun Fund invites everyone to dig deep into feminist approaches to technology, challenges and opportunities, and to listen and learn from groups on the ground contributing to feminist tech organising in South and Southeast Asia.

Open and Secure Tech Asia Pacific Monthly

This is a focused Asia-Pacific based community of individuals who have a medium to high level of technical understanding, and is committed to building, supporting and advocating the use of open-source, secure and privacy-enhancing technologies.