COVID-19 contact tracing: At what cost to our privacy, rights, and freedoms?

Do contact tracing apps help reduce the spread of COVID-19? As their usage has become ubiquitous, there is a trend towards more features that are not related to or necessary for contact tracing being introduced in these apps, such as vaccine certification and third-party integrations with commercial services without due regard to privacy, security, and accessibility.

[closed] Job Opportunity: Human Resources Manager

EngageMedia is hiring a Human Resources Manager who will help sustain, deepen, and scale EngageMedia’s operations and human capital systems. The role builds the strength of EngageMedia’s organisational infrastructure to ensure our program work is dynamic, strategic, and well-executed.

Appa and His Invisible Mundu

Human Rights Day 2021: Reducing inequalities, advancing rights in the digital age

Human Rights Day is an opportunity to remind everyone that digital rights are human rights: Everyone deserves to equally enjoy the benefits of technology and protection from its harms. To mark this event, EngageMedia is launching two research reports and a limited virtual screening of our Tech Tales film collection.

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