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EngageMedia/Ruagrupa set up a local video archive, Jakarta

EngageMedia Local Archives Project, Indonesia

EngageMedia is currently undertaking a range of video distribution projects within the Asia Pacific region. One of our latest projects in Indonesia is aimed at creating four “local archives” for video makers to be able to store and share their work. This extends EngageMedia’s online video sharing website to a more local and offline understanding of video distribution and community access sharing, that routes around the limited bandwidth problem in countries like Indonesia and embraces in a more realistic and viable hybridity between the on and offline.
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Forum Lenteng Skills Building Partnership, Jakarta

EngageMedia shares skills with Forum Lenteng

As part of our Asia Network program, EngageMedia is delivering a number of ‘Skills Building Partnerships’ to activist and community groups in Asia-Pacific to assist them in distributing their videos. Last month Andrew and Nova spent three days with the folks from Forum Lenteng in Jakarta; a non-profit organisation working to develop social and cultural studies as a vehicle to examine issues of culture in society in Indonesia.
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Video Distribution Workshop Penang – Wrap up

From 18-19 April 2009, EngageMedia delivered a workshop in Malaysia training participants in effective methods of video distribution. Due to a mix of participants hailing from as far as the south of Thailand, it was decided to host the workshop in Penang in a mixture of English and Bahasa Malaysian.
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Banned Singapore Film Hits 40,000 Views on Internet

A video made by Mr Seelan Palay about the dictatorial control of Singapore has attracted wide viewership on the Internet. Entitled One Nation Under Lee, the 40-minute film also features interviews with the late J B Jeyaretnam and former solicitor-general Mr Francis Seow.
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EngageMedia online video distribution workshop in Kuala Lumpur

From February 7-8 2009, EngageMedia (with guest speaker Fahmi Reza) ran a workshop for local video makers in Malaysia on how to effectively distribute video online. Nova from our Indonesian office and Andrew from our Melbourne office joined me two days before the workshop to go over our game plan and make the final preparations.
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Ogg Theora to Flash Transcoding Live on

EngageMedia are happy to announce Ogg Theora to Flash transcoding is live on the website. What does that mean?? Ogg Theora is a high quality FOSS (Free Open Source Software) video codec developed by It means that now you can make an Ogg file of your video and when you upload it you’ll be able to watch a transcoded (or converted) version of this in the EngageMedia embedded Flash Player – just as you would with any other video format. At EngageMedia we try to encourage the use of free software wherever possible. As far as video codecs like Quicktime, Windows Media and Flash are concerned, these are proprietary codecs that can cost huge amounts of money for online distributors to use, depending on the license and how these videos are delivered to the web audience. We encourage the use of FOSS codecs where possible, and are hoping to increase their usability and uptake.
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FOSS Codecs Research

EngageMedia is currently conducting a research project into Free Open Source Software (FOSS) video codecs. We may also engage in a bit of experimental development work as we go along.

We will be coordinating this project, but would love to engage other groups working around FOSS video software in this process.

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EngageMedia at OurMedia

EngageMedia will be running a video screening and an online distribution workshop as part of the OurMedia conference on community, alternative and citizen’s media in Sydney, April 9-13.
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2006 End of Year Wrap Up

It’s been a very busy year for EngageMedia so we thought we should wrap it all up for you and let you know about some of our plans for next year.
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