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Papuan Voices

On Recent Internet Blocking and Throttling in West Papua

As an organisation that stands for media freedom and digital rights, EngageMedia finds the recent threats against freedom of expression in West Papua concerning, including undue restriction and harassment, as well as internet blocking and throttling.

Papuan Film Festival III 2019 Begins!

The Papuan government should be proud that this year, young Papuan activists can hold Papuan Film Festival) without fail for three consecutive years. From August 6–9 this year, the event will be conducted at the Moi tribe indigenous center, the KEIK LMA Malamoi building or the institution of tribal society (LMA) Malamoi.

Festival Film Papua 2017

Festival Film Papua

Festival Film Papua Tahun 2017 akan diadakan di Merauke 7-9 Agustus 2017 dengan tema “Bomi Zai Anim-Ha”.

Papuan Voices II: The Inspirational Dr. Mia

One video from Papuan Voices II which everybody’s been talking about is Mutiara Dalam Noken (Pearl in the Noken), which tells the story of Dr. Mia, a Papuan woman who was fortunate enough to get a higher education and become a doctor.

Papuan Voices II Launch Report

After over a year of hard work, the first public viewing of the eight short films of Papuan Voices took place at Bentara Budaya in Yogyakarta with a very special guest in attendance: Dr Mia from the film ‘Mutiara Dalam Noken’ (Pearl in the Noken).