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Featured Filmmaker

Featured Filmmaker: Al Mundir

An interview with Al Mundir, a migrant activist in Malaysia and participant of our Crossroads project.

Featured Filmmaker: Charlie Hill-Smith

Frengky Making from Papuan Voices chats with Charlie Hill-Smith, producer of ‘Strange Birds of Paradise’, a new film on the story of West Papua.

Featured Filmmaker: Fluxcup

This month, our guest editors Azizah Hanum and Arief ‘Kutil’ Permana interviewed Ucup, a video artist from Bandung (West Java) who is known for his video parodies. Hanum met up with Ucup at a video slam at Common Room.
Ozair Rao

Featured Filmmaker: Ozair Rao

This month we are featuring Ozair Rao, a filmmaker from Pakistan who has combined his passion for travel and filmmaking into a mission to inspire change.
JL Burgos

Featured Filmmaker: JL Burgos

JL Burgos shares with us his journey, process, and views as a video activist from the Philippines.

Featured Filmmaker: Arvind Raj

We interview Arvind Raj, a video journalist working with Free Malaysia Today, one of the country’s most popular independent online news portals.

Featured Filmmaker: Ho Choon Hiong

We interviewed Ho Choon Hiong, a filmmaker from Singapore who has braved the country’s restrictive media laws to present the other side of its story.