EM strategic planning survey

Survey analysis

An extensive and detailed report from our strategic planning survey conducted through June / July 2010. has been completed.

Last day at Bogor ToT

Online Distribution Training in Bogor

From 4-7 of July, we’ll be working closely at Training of Trainer workshop on online video distribution with participants from ASTEKI secretariat and one of their key news agency in Bogor,

GIS Watch 2010

GISWatch 2010 Launched

GISWatch 2010 argues that for technology to really benefit us, consumption patterns have to change.

Creative Commons Roadshow

Insights from a Roadshow

Andrew Garton participated on a panel at Creative Commons Australia’s national roadshow at the State Library of Victoria, Melbourne.

EngageMedia Redesign Sprint in Athens

In the coming weeks EngageMedia is undertaking a re-design of our video-sharing website focused on social justice and environmental video in the Asia Pacific.

KONY 2012

#Kony2012 – Ethical Video Activism Alternatives

One thing must be said – the #kony2012 campaign is one of the most successful human rights video advocacy campaigns ever. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good example of video advocacy.