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Introducing Plumi 4.5

Plumi 4.5 was soft-launched at the beginning of the year. Now that it’s been running smoothly for a while, we’d love to introduce you to all the new features and improvements.

EngageMedia at the 3rd Mekong ICT Camp

In early May, we facilitated and participated in the 3rd Mekong ICT Camp, held in Cha-Am, Thailand. Over the course of the five-day event, we held presentations on video advocacy, video distribution, and online subtitling.

What is Video for Change — and Its Forms?

Over at the blog, the video4change Impact Research team have begun blogging about some of the issues, questions and lessons from the preliminary literature review.

Moviemento visited Balikpapan

Moviemento Video Workshop 1

Earlier this month, Moviemento visited Balikpapan for the second time. Located in Kalimantan island, Balikpapan is the city with the largest oil refinery in East Indonesia.

A Guide on Open Source Video Editing

Mick Fuzz and Anna Morris from Floss Manuals have developed a guide on using video editing software for the video4change network. The guide called, A Guide to Open Source Video Editing with Kdenlive, takes users through a range of different video editing tasks.

Video Making on Android

This guide takes the reader through the various video making tasks you can do on your Android device. It covers a range of video production and distribution processes — from filming, to editing, to sharing your videos.

Hybrid Distribution — New Version!

The most successful video activists and video campaigns use both online and offline tools and strategies to distribute their videos, raise awareness and encourage action on social issues. The common name for such strategies is Hybrid Distribution.