Camp Sambel

Help Videomakers for Change get to Camp Sambel

Next month, EngageMedia’s Camp Sambel will host more than 50 Southeast Asian video activists for five days of video training, screenings and discussion near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Subtitles and html5

We made some big updates to EngageMedia in December going live with Universal Subtitles and html5 video support.

Plumi 4.3b2 Beta Released

Unweb have tagged a 4.3b2 version of plumi.app. We anticipate a final stable release soon.

EngageMedia.org upgrades to Plumi 4.2.1

EngageMedia and Unweb have just released Plumi 4.2.1 and upgraded the EngageMedia.org site. The release focuses on stability enhancements and bug fixes along with a couple of new features.

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