Featured Filmmaker: Wensi Fatubun

Wensislaus (Wensi) Fatubun (37) is a West Papuan filmmaker and video activist, with an impressive human rights pedigree. He is also a leader of the Papuan People’s Assembly (Majelis Rakyat Papua – MRP) which represents the cultural interests of the indigenous Papuan people, protecting the rights of indigenous Papuans, with values consistent with respect for custom and culture, the empowerment of women, and the strengthening of harmonious religious life.

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RightsCon Tunis: At the Crossroads of Human Rights and Technology

As the first RightsCon hosted in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, Tunisia stands out as the most inspiring story on how the Arab Spring emerged. Interestingly, the conference venue was just in front of the Human Rights Square in Tunis, where thousands of Tunisian protesters gathered in 2011.

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Launching Our New Blog

We look forward to having you on this journey with us, asking and answering some critical questions: Is using non-corporate social media a viable way to attract audiences and create impact? Can changemakers succeed without relying on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Let’s find out together.

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Digital Rights Camp by FMA

Strengthening the digital rights movement in the Philippines

From 28 May to 1 June 2019, the Foundation for Media Alternatives (FMA) organised a Digital Rights Camp, a gathering of journalists, artists, activists, and human rights defenders to reach out and introduce digital rights to advocacy groups in the Philippines. Dianne Olivan, project assistant of EngageMedia, attended the camp and the FMA website published her commentaries on the proceedings of the gathering and the digital rights situation in the Philippines.

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Global Voices Asia-Pacific Citizen Media Summit

EngageMedia at Global Voices Summit 2019: Challenging Digital Authoritarianism

On June 2, 2019, journalists, bloggers, digital activists, and researchers from the Asia-Pacific gathered together in Taipei, Taiwan for the Global Voices Asia-Pacific Citizen Media Summit to share experiences, gain knowledge, and form new collaborations. Global Voices is an international and multilingual community of bloggers, journalists, translators, academics, and human rights activists and a long time ally of EngageMedia.

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Are You Ready?

Are You Ready premiered on 15 December, 2019 in Yangon and has been screened at the Myanmar Digital Rights Forum.

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