When Workers Speak Up

When Workers Speak Up or Ketika Buruh Bicara, is the current name of this new initiative which uses video as a tool to promote workers causes in Indonesia.

Secure Me and My Video

An impossible to imagine number of people and plenty of utilities, it seems, are doing video. Children, teachers, sports professionals, activists, workers and the unemployed, radio and print journalists, the police, military and security firms are all swinging cameras some where on planet earth.

Camp Sambel 2 Report

I spent the beginning of 2012 living in KL, as project manager of Camp Sambel 2. I worked closely with our partner organization KOMAS, and, in particular, with the amazing, reliable, resourceful, and delightful Anne Jacob, the local coordinator of the project. Jakarta Filmmaker Ucu Augustin says: ‘It was the best activist camp I ever went to’.

Some Thoughts about the last FFD

These are some notes from the recent Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD) in Yogyakarta. FFD is an alternative film festival that attracts hundreds of students, young people, videomakers, and artists from across Indonesia.

Screenshot of Engagemedia.org on August 5, 2012

Major updates to EngageMedia.org

We’ve just upgraded EngageMedia.org to Plumi 4.1.1, the open-source video sharing platform we produce in collaboration with Unweb.me and other developers.

Merapi Stories

Here is a lovely example of creative online video used to tell stories from Indonesia.

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