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Tan Kai Swee

Featured Filmmaker: Tan Kai Swee

Videomaker Tan Kai Swee is part of Citizen Journalists Malaysia – a dynamic network of journalists bringing vital new voices and perspectives out of Malaysia. He tells EngageMedia what inspires him to get behind the camera.

Featured Filmmaker: Anna Har, KOMAS

Pusat KOMAS is a human rights centre set up in August 1993 to empower indigenous people, the urban poor, workers and civil society organisations to advocate for human rights in Malaysia.

Featured Filmmaker: FX Making

FX Making a.k.a. Frengky is part of the young group called Papuan Voices who tries to document the various people’s stories in Papua through video camera lenses. He dedicates his life to fight social injustice using the medium that he loves, audio-visual.
Ucu Agustin

Featured Filmmaker: Ucu Agustin

Ucu Agustin uses her videos to focus on health and women’s issues and she sees the job of improving people’s social conditions as simply part of being human.

Featured Filmmaker: Terry Narcissan Tsui

Terry Narcissan Tsui is a member of the Hong Kong based Autonomous 8a, a shared space for activists to develop and realise projects of social concern. Terry regularly produces and uploads videos about migrant worker struggles in Hong Kong. Terry believes the credit for his videos should be attributed to the dedicated people who struggle for the liberation of those at the grassroots.

Featured Filmmaker: Chamot

Camp Sambel alumni, Sancho Alves Nahac, known as Chamot, brings hope and motivation as a filmmaker and a person.

Featured Filmmaker: Jamie McMechan

The main issues that Jamie McMechan addresses in his video work are those that affect the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) and its members. Issues such as campaigning for workers rights, human rights, equal pay for women, violence against women, raising money for charities among others.

Featured Filmmaker: Patmawati Taibe

From my point of view, video can become a very powerful tool to build awareness at a community level and can be an effective advocacy tool, particularly if in concert with in-depth research.

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