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Featured Filmmaker: King Catoy

King Catoy is a prolific and award-winning human rights filmmaker from the Philippines. He was one of the founding members of Southern Tagalog Exposure, an independent multimedia collective, and later the Executive Director of Mayday Multimedia. He is currently the Video Lead of EngageMedia.

Featured Filmmaker: Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor is a filmmaker based in Sydney, Australia. He has worked in East Timor, Indonesia and Latin America. He works as a media educator for CuriousWorks, a Sydney based non-profit organisation that assists communities to tell their stories using accessible digital technologies.

Featured Filmmaker: Mahamasabree Jehloh

Mahamasabree Jehloh is a video-activist using independent media to cover the violence and human rights violations from inside the conflict zone of Patani, in Southern Thailand.
Sathis Kumar Krishnan

Featured Filmmaker: Sathis Kumar Krishnan

Sathis Kumar Krishnan is a citizen journalist from Penang, Malaysia. He has produced over 140 videos and has won the best video award from CJMY for two consecutive years.

Featured Filmmaker: Nova Ruth

Nova Ruth is a vocalist, activist, designer and entrepreneur who is committed to bringing Indonesian culture to a global audience.

Featured Filmmaker: Kiki Febriyanti

Kiki Febriyanti is a freelance videomaker from Jakarta, Indonesia. Kiki sees her role as a storyteller whose job is to make the story known to a wider section of people.
Tan Kai Swee

Featured Filmmaker: Tan Kai Swee

Videomaker Tan Kai Swee is part of Citizen Journalists Malaysia – a dynamic network of journalists bringing vital new voices and perspectives out of Malaysia. He tells EngageMedia what inspires him to get behind the camera.

Featured Filmmaker: Anna Har, KOMAS

Pusat KOMAS is a human rights centre set up in August 1993 to empower indigenous people, the urban poor, workers and civil society organisations to advocate for human rights in Malaysia.

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