Technology as a “tool” or human as a “fool”?

The Feminist Technology Exchange (FTX) and the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) are two related organisations aimed at increasing technology understanding and use within the women’s rights movement. FTX provides training in the development of technology, with a focus on its use for advocacy by feminist activists and organisations.
The Human Rights Arts & Film Festival

Human Rights Arts and Film Festival (HRAFF) Profile

The Human Rights Arts and Film Festival (HRAFF) will be taking place across Australia next month, showcasing engaging content from around the world that will encourage people to create positive change together.
Building the Climate Movement Online

Building the Climate Movement Online

The Australian based organisation, the Change Agency, recently released a very interesting report looking at the use of online organising and communication in the Climate Change movement. EngageMedia’s work at the recent Climate Camp also features in the report.

Anti-G8 Solidarity Action in Singapore

On the 5th of July, International Day of Action Against the G8. In solidarity with the planned mass demonstration in Sapporo and anti-G8 activists worldwide, Singaporean activists held a brief protest outside the Japanese Embassy in Singapore.
Plugin TV

Filmmaker Collective Profile – Plug-in TV

Since Plug-in TV’s formation three years ago, it has spawned into an innovative network production house that strives to equip independent filmmakers with technological resources and most importantly, peer- to-peer support.
TX-AP Participants

Transmission Asia-Pacific (TXAP)

From May 19-25 2008 fifty-five tech and video activists gathered in West Java, Indonesia to share code and stories. Organised by EngageMedia and the Jakarta based Ruangrupa Transmission Asia-Pacific brought together projects from 15 different countries, from Japan to India, and China to New Zealand, to discuss ways to most effectively use online video as a social change tool.

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