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Video Distribution Workshop Penang – Wrap up

From 18-19 April 2009, EngageMedia delivered a workshop in Malaysia training participants in effective methods of video distribution. Due to a mix of participants hailing from as far as the south of Thailand, it was decided to host the workshop in Penang in a mixture of English and Bahasa Malaysian.

Banned Singapore Film Hits 40,000 Views on Internet

A video made by Mr Seelan Palay about the dictatorial control of Singapore has attracted wide viewership on the Internet. Entitled One Nation Under Lee, the 40-minute film also features interviews with the late J B Jeyaretnam and former solicitor-general Mr Francis Seow.

EngageMedia online video distribution workshop in Kuala Lumpur

From February 7-8 2009, EngageMedia (with guest speaker Fahmi Reza) ran a workshop for local video makers in Malaysia on how to effectively distribute video online. Nova from our Indonesian office and Andrew from our Melbourne office joined me two days before the workshop to go over our game plan and make the final preparations.
Skills Building Partnership with KOMAS, Kuala Lumpur. January 2009.

EngageMedia delivers skills training to Komas

As part of our Skills Building Partnerships (SBPs) program focussed on developing the online video distribution skills of relevant community organisations, EngageMedia recently delivered a training program in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for Komas from 21-22 January 2009.
Sarawak gone

Support Sarawak Gone, innovative micro-docs series

Innovative micro-docs series produced by / Toy Satellite in association with Rengah Sarawak seeks support towards its completion. Sarawak Gone explores four remote Bidayuh communities accessible by foot within an hour’s drive from Kuching, capital city of Sarawak, Malaysia.

EngageMedia needs a new home in Melbourne!

The EngageMedia team has outgrown its current office space. We’re now looking for a bigger place to park ourselves and we need your help! If you know of any available office space in Melbourne we’d love to hear from you.