Traveling Projector in Solo

On 22nd May 2014 and after 11 days of touring around Java, Traveling Projector headed to Solo. There, we were warmly welcomed by Blontank Poer, the founder of Indonesia Blogger Home community. The screening that night was opened by a Keroncong music performance, which was very interesting because the genre is often considered as ‘something for old folks’, but in this community it was played by young people.

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Traveling Projector’s Jakarta Finale!

“These videos should be watched by as many young people as possible because they are the hope of this nation. They should be given information and facts about this country so that they can be more sensitive and critical.”

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Topeng Malang

#ProyektorKeliling #Hari ke 16 di Malang, 26 Mei 2014

Proyektor Keliling sudah hampir sampai di penghujung perjalanannya. Kota Malang menjadi tempat kedua terakhir sebelum Jakarta sebagai penutup. Hari Senin 26 Mei 2014 sore hari kami tiba di kota apel Malang. Setelah beristirahat sejenak, kami meluncur ke Warung Kelir di jalan Panglima Sudirma, tempat diadakannya
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KD's World Tour: Surabaya street art

#Proyektor Keliling #Hari14 di Surabaya

Proyektor Keliling sampai di Surabaya pada Jumat tengah malam tanggal 23 Mei 2014. Esoknya jam 11 kami menuju markas C2O, sebuah perpustakaan dan tempat berkumpul komunitas anak muda yang punya kepedulian terhadap lingkungan dan warisan budaya kotanya. Kami berbincang dan berbagi pengalaman tentang manajemen organisasi dengan 13 orang dari 4 komunitas/organisasi.

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Traveling Projector in Surabaya

A report on one of the stops on the Traveling Projector tour, where we visit 11 cities in Java with videos on pluralism, migrant workers, corruption, and West Papua.

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Travelling Projector Bandung: Film, the foundation for Sharing

“I’m not an activist, but after watching the film about Sumarsih, a mother who lost her son during the turmoil after Reformasi on May 1998, I felt really moved,” said a female student in tears. That’s one of the reactions we got from the Traveling Projector tour’s first screening in Parahyangan University, Bandung.

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