The roads travelled for work - Women Migrant Workers in Singapore and Malaysia

Call Indonesian Migrant Workers Cultural Representatives, Not Remittance Heroes

According to the Global Slavery Index in 2014, the number of victims of modern slavery worldwide went up 300% from the previous year. Research by the Walk Free Foundation (WFF, Australia) in 2013 has stated Indonesia as being one of 114 countries around the world that practices modern slavery and that there were an estimated 210,000 Indonesians who were working in conditions equating to slavery in foreign countries.

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Will Myanmar Refugees be Sheltered or Stranded in Malaysia?

Fleeing from prolonged conflict and persecution in Myanmar, hundreds of thousands of ethnic minorities find themselves living as refugees in neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia. In Malaysia alone, there are an estimated 150,000 refugees from Myanmar, with possibly a third of them being not being registered with the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

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Peringatan Hari Buruh Migran

‘DUTA KEBUDAYAAN’ Dipaksa Menjadi ‘PAHLAWAN DEVISA’ oleh Rangga Babuju

Migrant adalah orang yang berpindah dari wilayah lahir ke wilayah lain dengan maksud untuk bekerja. sehingga dikenal dengan Migran Internal yang merantau dari daerah ke daerah lain dalam Negara Indonesia dengan maksud bekerja dan adapula Migran Internasional yang keluar negeri dengan maksud bekerja. Migran Internasional inilah yang disebut sebagai Tenaga Kerja Indonesia (TKI) atau ada pula disebut Tenaga Kerja Wanita (TKW). Belakangan disebut sebagai Buruh Migran Indonesia (BMI).

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Camp Chindwin: Short Film Lab, Short Film Fun

Camp Chindwin participants showcase their talent and creativity during the Short Film Lab activity. The resulting videos are a mix of hilarious and serious videos that give a glimpse of the environment and feel of the camp.

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Revisiting the Past: Buru Islands

More than 50 years on, a group of survivors revisit a prison camp in the Buru Islands. Buru is best known in Indonesia as a place where political prisoners used to be exiled and isolated because they were or were assumed as members of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI/Partai Komunis Indonesia) during the New Order era.

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Crossroads: Bringing Migrant Stories to Local Audiences

In June, our Crossroads video collection on migration was screened for the 15th time in Malaysia this year. The screening was hosted by the Migrant Ministry under the Kuala Lumpur Archdiocese Office of Human Development and attended by Malaysian parishioners of the Good Shepard Church.

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Understanding Myanmar Through Discussion

What is the state of freedom of the press in Myanmar, which is currently the 9th most censored country in the world? This and other questions are addressed by Irrawaddy Media, an independent media organisation covering Myanmar and Southeast Asia from a Myanmar perspective.

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