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Pixelate or Perish – Networking Developers and Video Activists at Transmission Asia-Pacific

Independent, grassroots online initiatives find themselves in a strange place these days. As the first wave of online projects like Indymedia wane in the face of the ‘web 2.0’ “mallification” and “net-sploitation” it can often feel as though the days activists, at least those closely linked to social movements, took a cutting edge role in shaping the web are far gone.

Video Coverage of Tibetan Uprising

The uprising in Tibet is highlighting the power and necessity of independent video and do-it-yourself news making. These images have mobilised people around the world to take action for an independent Tibet. We’re compiled a list of places where you can find video coverage of the uprisings.

Plumi logo

Plumi is coming….

The first release of Plumi, the Plone based video sharing system produced by EngageMedia, is just around the corner. The beta should be out in the next few weeks and available for installation and testing.
Make Internet TV

Make Internet TV

Make Internet TV (MITV) is a step-by-step guide creating and publishing video on the web. The site covers shooting, editing, licensing, compressing, uploading and promoting video on the internet; it illustrates these topics with screenshots, photos, screencasts, graphics, text and more.
Image via Pixabay by Alexas_Fotos. Used under a Pixabay license.

Free Media vs Free Beer

A great mass of companies are currently clamouring for your content. But free beer, as Free Software Foundation founder Richard Stallman has always emphasised, is not the same as freedom.