Video4Change Network

Co-founded by EngageMedia in partnership with WITNESS, the Video4Change Network is a consortium of organisations from around the world using the power of video for human rights, social justice, and environmental change. The network defines Video for Change as “the use of video as an approach to support social movements, document rights violations, raise awareness and share new knowledge on social or environmental issues, or to otherwise contribute to social change”. The term is an umbrella for a diverse range of video-making styles and approaches

The network was started in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, in June 2012. To date, the network has 12 members and a number of affiliates, all of whom are Video for Change practitioners and subscribe to the Video for Change framework. 

The network strengthens collaboration between members and affiliates so they can better respond to shared challenges and opportunities. 

Among its core projects are:

Learn more about Video4Change Network and stay updated on its activities via the official Video4Change website.

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