July 14, 2008

Independent Media at Climate Camp Australia 2008

Independent Media at Climate Camp Australia 2008

EngageMedia helped to coordinate an independent media centre for Climate Camp Australia 2008 (July 10 – 14) at the Octapod, a not for profit independent arts and new media organisation based in the heart of Newcastle. Around 20 video makers, photographers and bloggers used this space to create their own media coverage of the Climate Camp workshops, discussions and actions to build a community-based movement for real action on climate change. We were able to present our own stories as a counter-measure to the often simplistic and conflict-based accounts presented in the mainstream media. Climate Camp has been a rich and diverse exploration of positive action on climate change, and ways to build alliances by the many different communities who are stepping up their efforts to convince governments to take real action, and to take it now, before it is too late. The major focus of the camp was on coal exports, as Newcastle is the world’s largest coal port, and therefore one of Australia’s major contributions to greenhouse gas emissions.

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